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SKA School
St. Kabir Academy School was established in 2002 and has been best at integrated educational ideas in modern schooling. We have always put forth the needs of a child to enjoy and relish the joys of education. We understand that with proper environment and appropriate surrounding there are better chances of a child to learn and develop. Therefore, we have strived hard to maintain such a welcoming environment at our institution. A few facilities provided at our institution are as follows:
Enchanting environment in our airy class rooms (We call them ‘Wisdom chambers’)
Personality development chambers
Training in Reiki
Training in (built-in) Hypnosis
Swimming (Hydro therapy)
Self Defense (Confidence enhancer)
Etiquettes and manners
Our Vision and Concepts
We envision creating charming, responsible, intelligent individual out of every child. We have strived hard to provide an ambiguous platform to the students from different backgrounds for which the following are some of the key concepts at St. Kabir academy.
Holistic development: This is the key belief in our institution that holistic development is the key to overall development of all children. For the same we incorporate physical, mental and spiritual activities such as martial arts, quizzes, abacus, reverse thinking and mediation to ensure holistic development. We help physical development by physical activities such as Yoga, Pranayam, Acupressure, Naturopathy, and other therapies. We ensure mental development by use of Reiki, Hypnosis, Abacus, reverse thinking and Brain storming. Spirituality is flows through every student at St. Kabir academy with the practice of regular meditation, yoga, and the practice of the silence time.
Innovation and explorations – Innovation is a quality we thrive to bring out in every individual at our institute. We have various activities such as DIY projects, exploration trips and various season activities which represent outside world to the students.
Anytime examinations – Examinations are a big worry among most students and we at our institution decided to help our students overcome this fear. We have dealt with the exam fever by incorporating ‘Anytime examination’ system at our institution.
No heavy bags system – At St. Kabir academy we help children to keep their bags light by providing school storage system and dual text sets.
Zero hour – ‘Zero hour’ is a Kabirian concept for an hour giving to students to bring their all innovative intellectual self to conceptualize projects of their choice.
Lets suitup – Personal grooming is highly emphasized at our institution. We have similar outfits for both girls and boys for nurturing equality. We teach our students to make a positive impact by dressing up accordingly clubbed with impeccable behavior. We have specially designed suits as uniforms for regular weekdays, track suit for sports activities, martial art dress for Karate and school swim suits for swimming lessons.
Positive thinking – We believe the power of positive thinking can bring about unthinkable changes in everyone’s life. Therefore, we constantly help our students to practice this virtue in their lives using our various positive living techniques.
Let’s help each other – We at St Kabir academy encourage students to help each other for developing good community behavior rather than unhealthy competition. This brings out a beautiful human in every Kabirian.
Natural wellbeing: Natural therapies are used to upgrade the physical health of the child.
Word from the principal
“It a pleasure to speak on behalf of the whole team of St. Kabir academy and it has been a greater pleasure to represent its spirit all these years. As it’s very clear that at our institution personality based holistic schooling are the mantra and the way to go for the generation- next education. Personally I promise a highly researched Euro-American system practices like no transit loading, no home works, N.F.S (No failure system) and a caring environment at our institution. I would like to invite you to come and visit us at our campus and see for yourself the changes that a school like St. Kabir academy can bring to the development of a child and be a part of this interesting exceptional educational set-up.”
Mr. Zafrulla khan
About Staff
Our staff is highly educated, trained, and experienced. Most of the staff members are double graduates, with additional training like B.Ed, or T.C.H, or N.T.T, or D.M. The main staffing policy at St. Kabir academy is being friendly motivators for the students rather than being mere demonstrators. Our teachers are always ready to render a helping hand to our students. They have always been the motivating forces behind bringing out of hidden talents, and nurturing leadership in them.
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